Pic of Brit from Femme Fatale Album

One of my fave singers is Britney Spears! I always knew and listened to some of her songs, in 2007-2008 mostly. I always knew her older hits like "Baby One More Time" and "Toxic" 

I had always heard Selena Gomez talk about how much she loves Britney and how her music is so good, so I decided to take her word for it! I downloaded 3 of Britney's albums, "Blackout" "Circus" and "Femme Fatale" I fell in love with the music instantly. 

I also personally know another Britney Spears fan! It is Margaret! (My neighbor, Jyerr's grandmother, in case you didn't know already lol) Sometimes, Margaret and I play music outside, we sit outside by the fire and talk, and we also dance! And she loves Britney's song "Toxic," so we danced to that, and one night I brought over my Femme Fatale CD, and Jyerr was dancing to "Til The World Ends" and "Hold It Against Me!" And it was funny because when we were done I said to Margaret, "We had a nice time with Britney!" and she said, "I love her to death!" :P

Fave Britney songs:

Seal It With A Kiss


Inside Out

Gimmie More

If U Seek Amy

Break The Ice

Outta This World

Toy Solider

Til The World Ends

Hit Me Baby One More Time

The Hook Up

(I Got That) Boom Boom ft. Ying Yang Twins


Touch Of My Hand


Get Back


Mmm Papi

Unusual You

Rock Me In


Ooh La La

How I Roll

Selfish (This one used to be my faaaave song!)

Many more, too many to list! :P